Tashi Mannox

Dear reading friends and friendly readers,

today I have the big honour beeing asked to present as a world premier the so far unknown work of the calligraphy artist Tashi Mannox. Since I saw it in 2012, I am in love with Tashi’s work from the very first moment.

A friend of mine was recommending him while I was on search for someone who could interpret my favorite mantra into a tattoo. He did a great job on that even if I still didn’t dare to stich it – I’ll let you all take part here if this ever changes.

I tried hard to get Tashi for an exhibiton to Berlin but he is so well asked and booked that he simply has no free slot yet. Let’s keep fingers crossed and send him mails how mutch you love his work and you want to see him live in Berlin so we can make my wish come true.

As I said and I’m realy flattered that Tashi offered this chance to me to publish his work.

I proudly present to you as a world premier this three pieces:

Ornaments Of The Skin



Study Of Nude Scottish Bag Pipe Player

Chris the Piper, Edinburgh 2001-72


Asian Comfort



Finaly a clip showing Tashi and his work:

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